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-Conscious Leadership…all flourishing
-Personal & Group Mentor
-Create Super-learning Environments
-Create All Flourishing Work Cultures
-Executive Coach

My Interests And Focus Areas Are:

  • Conscious & Inner Leadership
  • Next Generation Leadership
  • Wellbeing economy
  • Business as a force for good
  • Accessing our inner wisdomTo make wise decisions for the flourishing, health and wellbeing of people, planet and All Life.

About Christopher Evatt

As we all experience, the world is going through total change. The question is, what is required of us and our organizations?

Life-centric, whole-systems approach: As leaders we can either struggle with approaches from an outdated world or choose to embrace a more human, life-centric approach.  The paradigm shift that is taking place is moving from linear thinking to whole-systems thinking. Everything is interconnected. The focus needs to be on the flourishing of people, nature and our organizations.

Inner Leadership: It is essential we access our inner wisdom and resources. I am supporting people and organizations to move from a state of separation, confusion and struggle to gaining clarity of purpose and a deeper awareness. Inner leadership enhances access to our inner qualities such as concentration, intuition, inspiration and wisdom which are critically important for making wise decision making today.

With over forty years of entrepreneurial experience and research of personal development I full-heartedly support the change from traditional leadership to conscious leadership.

Forces for good:  As a forward thinker, mentor, inspirational speaker, philosopher and executive coach I share a deep understanding of how to create empowering work cultures. As a result, people positively transform their lives and organizations thrive by becoming a force for good.

Bridging generations:  Together with my son Alexander, Msc, we create programs and give talks on bridging generations, Inner Leadership and change management to support and encourage the next generation of leaders to be strong in themselves and have the tools to become visionaries and create the world we wish to see.

Wellbeing Economy:As a New Zealander living in Finland, it has been intensely interesting to experience and study the welfare system of the Nordic countries from social, political, educational and organizational perspectives.

The world needs role models to change from old, outdated systems to sustainable systems. New Zealand is at the forefront in creating and implementing, throughout all its Ministries, a Wellbeing Economy. It has shifted from a GDP measurement focus to a more holistic wellbeing measurement which enables all New Zealanders, their organbizations and natural environment to thrive.

Awards:In New Zealand in the 1980’s, a United Nations award for “equal work opportunities” and an award for “outstanding work contribution” ANZAC Fellowship by the New Zealand Prime Minister. In early 2000, nominated for the title of World Class New Zealander.

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The world I want to see
Chris & Alexander Inner Leadership
What do we need to learn from the millennials?
Beyond GDP

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The NORDIC Health 2030 Conference Nov 2020

Christopher Evatt, representing WeAll
Christopher Evatt interviewed at The Nordic Health 2030 conference. Nov 2020. How wellbeing economies support people to be healthy and all to thrive. Examples. For Christopher Evatt to present to your organization, conference or event click on (button) Contact.


I absolutely recommend Christopher. He shows how to use all our skills and intelligence to achieve extraordinary results, real peak performance with less strenuous effort to be fully alive, creative and empowered.


(Former) Director Talentum Media Ltd, Finland

Chris and his work have impacted me profoundly over the years. I would not be the person I am today without his timely inspirations. At the right times, he has equipped me with a broader understanding of life and what it means to be fully alive. I value him and his friendship in no small way.


Bliss Clinic, Turku

Christopher Evatt has unique skills in creating a warm, open and creative environment to solve all possible issues in a group. His dynamic and “down to earth” approach paths the way to openness and valuable insights. I strongly recommend him.


Marketing Director, Tallink Silja AB

We trust his advice, counseling and values.As a facilitator he has unique skills and is in a class of his own. I warmly recommend him.


Communications Director, Finnish National Opera